How to Use Images

Spice Up Your Posts with Images

Images are by no means necessary, but they do have their place.

Using images in your posts is easy. To add an image move the caret to a new line and the Add Image button will appear at the bottom right of the screen.

The Add Image button appears only if the caret is on a blank line. Adding text to the line makes it disappear.

Inserting Images Manually

You can bypass the image dialog box and insert images manually using this syntax: ![optional caption](url). Here’s an example.

![Mmm... Beer!](

The above markdown produces the following image.

Mmm… Beer!

Using Reference Style

It’s possible to insert images using reference style. For example, specify a caption and any id: (note that the caption is optional).


Then, anywhere in your text, reference the id.


The id can be numbers, letters, or a combination of both.

Floating Images

You can float images by adding the orientation next to the URL. For example, enclose the word left in quotes to float an image to the left. You can float images to the left or right.

![On the left]( "left")
This paragraph of text, for example, should have an image floated to its left.

You can do this in reference style too.

![1]: "left"

On the left!

This paragraph of text, for example, should have an image floated to its left.

Why Use Reference Style?

Reference style improves readability.

Instead of inserting a long strings and URLs in the middle of your text, you can insert a reference and defer the messy part to the bottom of the document, or anywhere else you would like to have it.

Compare the two styles.

Inline Style

![Us, in the Mountains](

Reference Style

![Us, in the Mountains][2]

Then, somewhere out of the way, perhaps at the very bottom of your text, is the reference.